Catie Cares: Bag It!

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Did you know that many local grocery stores host volunteer baggers for charity fundraising? Why not give your favorite store a call to see if they’ll sponsor your group as baggers for a day. Bagging is a quick and easy fundraising idea that allows you to help those in your community and raise funds at the same time.

Catie Cares: Bag it!Before you head to the store, make sure to create and print information flyers to explain the Catie Cares program and what your group is raising money for. Also, give your group a quick lesson on how to properly bag because nobody likes their eggs or bread squashed. Finally, hand out name tags to each group member.

Once you’re at the store, place a tip jar at each register for donations, and make sure to bag each person’s groceries quickly and with a smile. If a customer needs help to their car, offer to do so, but only with the supervision of an adult.

Bagging can be a fun and easy way for groups to get more involved in their community and help Variety at the same time. Also, make sure to send us your pictures to so we can tell others how great our ambassadors are.



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