Catie Cares: Bake Sale

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No matter the time of year, everyone loves homemade baked goods. Whether it’s a gourmet apple tart, or grandma’s oatmeal cookies, people flock to bake sales. Since bake sales are relatively easy, it’s a great way to get a group involved in raising money for Variety of Greater Kansas City. Follow a few of our tips to make your event go off without a hitch:

Catie Cares: Bake Sale1. Pick a location to host the bake sale. Maybe you can run it with a larger event such as a holiday craft sale or sporting event. Or, see if your church, school or local community center will let you set up a table.

2. Call your friends and family to see who would be interested in making their favorite treats.

3. Ask all your bakers what they are making to ensure you have an assortment of different types of desserts like cookies, muffins, cakes, pies, tarts, brownies, and cupcakes.

4. Package items individually and in bulk so you have something for everyone. Also, make sure that any items baked with nuts are labeled correctly to avoid allergy issues.

5. Sticker each item with a price so that’s easy to see.

6. Bring a secure cash box with at least twenty dollars in small bills and coins to make change.

7. Consider selling bottled water and soda so people can wash down all the treats.

Most importantly, have fun! Since you and your group are hosting on behalf of Variety, send us your event pictures to so we can tell others what amazing ambassadors we have!



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