Catie Cares: Car Wash

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During the summer, many of us want to be outside as much as possible. By throwing a fundraiser car wash, you and your group can have some fun in the sun.

To throw a successful car wash, you’ll first want to find a place like a school, restaurant or gas station that is on busy route. The more traffic, the more chances you’ll get at some customers. However, wherever you host the event, make sure there’s a convenient source of water to tap into.

For your supplies, check around with your group, family and friends to see if they have hoses, buckets and towels you could use. You’ll also need to purchase sponges and car wash soap.

Since the weather can be unpredictable, have a rain date as a backup incase it’s a wash out. That way your group already has it on their schedules in case something pops up.

Once you have your supplies and a date set, make signs for the members of your group to hold by the street to advertise the car wash to passing commuters. You could also do some PR before by advertising with flyers, contacting your local TV or radio station, or posting the event in a community bulletin or newsletter.

At the event, have someone in charge of keeping track of the money so they can make change when needed. You can set the event with a specified price for each car wash or accept donations. Either way works, but you may earn more by leaving it up to the individual.

Don’t forget, send Variety of Greater Kansas City pictures of your event! Since you and your group are hosting on behalf of Variety, we want to tell others what amazing ambassadors we have.



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