Catie Cares: Give A Gift

If you believe every kid should be active, be social, and belong – please donate today

The older you get, the more it seems the less you need or want during the holidays or birthdays. Instead of saying, “I don’t know what I want”, tell your friends and family you’d like donations to your favorite charity. Variety of Greater Kansas City makes it easy to donate online, and each contribution goes towards a child in need. By donating to Variety, children are given the gift of mobility.

Catie Cares: Give a giftIf you still love a party, make it into a theme. Since our symbol is the heart, make heart shaped treats and invitations. You can also organize events and games that focus around the movement of giving back to others.

Another way to incorporate giving a gift to others, is by asking wedding guests to donate to Variety in lieu of gifts or having your wedding favor be a donation on the guests behalf. One of our Variety volunteers recently did both for her wedding. Not only did she raise funds, but she also helped raise awareness among her friends and family.

Overall, sometimes the best present you can receive is knowing you make a difference in someone else’s life. Since the Catie Cares program is all about building awareness, we want to share with others how great our ambassadors are! Make sure to send your photos or give a gift story to us at



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