Catie Cares: Jeans Day

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Do you work for a company or organization where the business attire is always required? Speak with your Human Resources department to see if they’ll let you hose a jeans day for Variety of Greater Kansas City.

Wearing business suits everyday can get a little old after awhile, so many employees will jump at a chance to wear their favorite jeans to work instead. Usually hosted on a Friday, jeans day is a great way to boost moral and raise awareness at the same time.

To run the event, make an announce a month to a few weeks before the schedule jeans day to generate buzz. You can post signs throughout break rooms, make e-mail announcements and post it in an employee bulletin. Once you have the word out, simply collect the money. You can also hand out stickers to each employee so they can wear them the day of the event showing they supported your cause. The stickers also act as a way to discourage people from wearing jeans who didn’t donate.

Since jeans days are so popular, this is a sure way to raise funds through the Catie Cares program. Also, send us your pictures from the event to, so we can share with others how great our ambassadors are!



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