Catie Cares: Treat Stand

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During the warmer months, there’s nothing better than a hotdog and some ice cream for dessert. Why not combine the two into a treat stand? No, we’re not talking about a hotdog sundae. Your group could host a hotdog cook out and also serve sundaes.

Catie Cares: Treat Stand-SundaeSince both are easy to prepare, eat and sell they make for a wonderful fundraiser. First, get permission from a local retailer to set up your stand outside their entrance. The best time to catch hungry shoppers is around the lunch hour, so make sure to set up well before noon.

When you’re setting up, don’t forget all the extras. Hotdogs need condiments like ketchup, mustard and relish, and ice cream needs chocolate sauce, whipped cream and other toppings like nuts or sprinkles. Also, stock up on napkins, bowls and spoons.

Since hotdogs and ice cream are pretty inexpensive, you won’t need a lot of initial money or markup to make a profit for your fundraiser. Make sure to post signs around about Variety to educate others on your cause. Also, the Catie Cares program is all about building awareness, so we want to share with others how great our ambassadors are! Send us your photos to



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