Catie Cares: Yard Sale

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It is inevitable, we all have stuff floating around our attic, basement or spare room that we just don’t need anymore. However, these trinkets are another person’s treasures. Clear out the clutter in your house and help a great cause at the same time by hosting a yard sale.

CC:YardSale_SmallYou can turn the traditional yard sale into a community event by asking friends, family or a group you’re apart of to get involved and donate their unwanted items. To turn it into an event, find a venue such as a school, community center or church where you can host the sale.

Once you have a location, create buzz by posting on social media, passing out flyers and creating signs. Also, get volunteers to assist you with marking each item with a price tag and manning the check out table. When it comes to price, people are looking for bargins. Make sure to think about what you’d pay for a similar item, not necessarily what you think it’s worth. As you’re pricing items, think about placing them in categories like children’s clothing, toys, kitchenware, books, etc. To earn extra cash, consider selling concessions like hotdogs, sodas or snacks for the hungry shoppers.

Don’t forget, send Variety of Greater Kansas City an invite to your event as well! Since you and your group are hosting on behalf of Variety, we want to tell others what amazing ambassadors we have.



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