Jacquas, also known as Jack, can be the sweetest kid there is. Jack was diagnosed with autism when he was three and it has been a challenge for both him and his family. .He doesn’t talk and if he tries, it is not easy to understand. Then he gets very frustrated and sometimes act out. (Who wouldn’t?)

He simply cannot effectively communicate what he wants and needs.

Jack is very bright. He loves to draw and he loves learning new things. He is very loving and caring and is truly loved in school. Jack’s Special Education teacher feels it would be beneficial for him to have his own device at home so can continue to excel. He has come such a long way using assistive devices at school. Since using the device, he is not as aggressive or defiant.

Jack’s mother says he ” is the the ball of love in our family.”  Variety’s generous donors understand what it means to give a child a voice by providing them with a communication device and apps. They want Jacquas to continue being that ball of love and not experiencing the frustration of not being able to tell others what he wants or needs. There are so many children like Jack around our area.  Can you help to give them a voice?   Donate today at www.varietykc.org/donate. Thank you!