Starlight Theatre is truly a Kansas City Classic, located right in the heart of our area. Because of their outdoor setting and easy access to seating, they have also been one of the more inclusive venues to enjoy music, theatre, and other productions.

The year, 2020, has thrown out a number of challenges – but along with it, some exciting innovation. Because Variety KC serves kids with special needs and their families, we are always on the look out for barriers to inclusion. Because of isolation and distancing, now the public also has a better understanding of what it means to be restricted in their activities. This has led to some thoughtful, purposeful planning.

Starlight Theatre approached Variety KC with plans for future inclusive changes. They are our newest partners in the #inclusionrevolution for the arts! Starting next year, you will be able to sign out sensory kits containing noise-muffling headphones and weighted lap pads. These kits will be available at Guest Information and are designed to help kids and their families enjoy the experience longer and more comfortably.

In addition, two universal changing tables (for older children and adults) will be installed in the east restrooms, one in the east men’s restroom and one in the east women’s restroom. These tables can be adjusted by height. Yes, something as basic as using the restroom can exclude people when it can’t be done safely and in a sanitary manner.  At Variety KC, we are never too shy to talk about potties!

Look around you, use this time to consider ways to make the world around you more inclusive. Join Variety KC’s #inclusionrevolution. If you would like to donate to the upcoming Starlight enhancements, visit    Thank you!