Meet the Kids: Bryce

You have NEVER seen a smile like this! Watch as Bryce gets his first bike from Variety. And if you would like to help put a smile like this on another child’s face, visit

Volunteer Spotlight: Kirby

What a great group of people! Variety KC couldn’t help the thousands of area children that we do without our amazing volunteers. Click here to hear from one of them – Kirby volunteers for Variety once and is hooked on helping!

Meet the Kids: Kaylee

k hallKylee is an unstoppable 16 year old with Spina Bifida and no feeling below her navel. Using a wheelchair, Kylee participates in as many activities as possible.  Her mother, a single mom, injured her back from transferring Kylee into their non-adaptive vehicle. This put the ability for her to care for Kylee into question.  Their family vehicle was too old and too high mileage to adapt.

Generous Variety partners stepped forward and provided the resources for a used adaptive van for Kylee and her mother.  This gift was more than transportation – it was a way to stay together as a family.  Variety partners are the best!

Meet the Kids: Maddox

Truly life changing!  Ten year old Maddox loves his adaptive bike from Variety, his mom loves that he is no longer isolated from friends and neighbors. Variety friends and donors made that happen!   Find out how you can be part of these life changing stories – and click here to hear Maddox’s story.

Mee the Kids: Unique

image1 (1)Unique lives up to her name. She is a 12 year old blessing that loves to be in the middle of social settings. She’s always smiling, clapping, playing with toys and swimming. Unique’s medical history is also unique, she has Cerebral Palsy with mixed quadriplegic GMFCS, IV, MACS IV, CFCS III, septo-optic dysplasia and optic nerve atrophy, developmental delays, sensory integration issues and neuromuscular scoliosis.

As you can imagine, Unique and her mother have frequent doctor and healthcare appointments, made difficult because they do not have a vehicle adapted for a wheelchair. Unique, at 130 pounds, can’t help support her weight. This means carrying 130 pounds of dead weight into and out of a car, plus the wheelchair and gear. This effort prohibits many of the activities and appointments Unique needs.

Having an adaptive vehicle would make so much more possible for Unique and her family.  Her request is not for a fancy van, just something to transport her safely to doctors and therapy appointments, plus the opportunity to join family on outings.  Being mobile means so much more than walking or biking, sometimes it is the life and death ability to get to much needed medical appointments.  Variety thanks you for your support in getting Unique where she needs to go.