Axton is just about the coolest guy you will ever meet.

When he was just six months old, Axton aspirated at the babysitter’s. This caused an anoxic brain injury, with cortical vision impairment and epilepsy. None of this stops Axton, he’s just is a silly five-year-old guy that loves swinging, swimming, music and hanging out with his family. He has very little purposeful movement, but works hard to communicate – he is a social guy that likes to participate with his peers. If you see him just say “hi” and introduce yourself. It’s okay to ask questions and learn about him!

 Axton is non-verbal and uses a wheelchair to get around. That’s not always easy. He lives with his two moms, Sherry and Rachel, a younger brother and baby sister. The family shares a ranch style home in south Kansas City, but this home has its challenges. His  wheelchair does not fit in the bathroom upstairs so he has to brush his teeth in the hallway. He cannot roll up to the sink to wash his hands and his shower chair takes up the whole shower making it impossible to move in and out (not zero entry.) The family has a half finished basement that has a large bathroom that could be modified for him, but what he needs is a chair lift  and elevator to get him downstairs safely. Right now, if there is a tornado siren, Acton has be be carried to the basement and can’t bring his wheelchair. A lift would allow him to go downstairs safely and it would maximize the use of the lower level. Right now, the family doesn’t use the lower level because it excludes Axton. (He is on the Sarah Lopez waiver, but the yearly max is $7500.00 per equipment and home modifications.)

Axton’s parents wish for him is for him to be included in all aspects of his life. While Axton may not be able to roll up to a sink and wash his hands independently he should still have the opportunity to be like all other kids and wash his hands with assistance, brush his teeth at the sink rather than in the hallway. This equipment would allow the family to make a playroom in the basement and Axton could play with his siblings. r. This equipment would allow Axton to be more independent!

Axton has a great personality and enjoys being silly, he uses his eyes to communicate and is learning to use an eye-gaze communication device.He gives great cuddles, and likes swinging and playing in the backyard with his siblings and the family dogs. The family enjoys going in the community to the zoo, out to brunch, parks and festivals. Axton and his brother play beep kickball and love being on a team together. In short, they have very full lives – but the comfort and safety of this new equipment would improve the quality of his life at home. 

Variety KC loves hearing about his vibrant life and wants to make sure he has the ability to access the lower level of his home safely. He will get his lift thanks to generous Variety KC donors – use it in good health Axton!  Help us to make sure that all kids have the safety equipment then need – donate today at  #inclusionrevolution!