Dear Variety,

Variety delivers! As a member of the Shawnee Mission Board of Education, I’ve seen firsthand the wonderful impact this charity has on kids. Variety delivered dozens of wheelchairs to our Instructional Support Center…..our teachers were genuinely moved that a group remembered to help their students. And speaking of students, not only does this nonprofit directly affect children, it also provides volunteer opportunities for students. It was especially gratifying to listen to a Shawnee Mission student explain on a local newscast about the blessing she received in joining fellow high schoolers earn a special bike for a younger Shawnee Mission student.

Variety delivers in many ways….and it chooses to allow others to take the credit thereby enhancing the experience for all. The executive director Deb Wiebrecht keenly understands that leaders of organizations allow others to shine in order to sustain a successful program. In case you were wondering, she is the incredible, shining light guiding the noble efforts to help our kids. Thank you, Deb.