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Meet the Kids: Izack


Izack is such a happy little guy, just look at his picture! He’s the youngest of three boys and until recently he has been content to watch his brothers ride their bikes. Recently Izack had a chance to ride an adaptive bike during his physical therapy sessions and now you can guess what Izack wants, and needs! An adaptive bike will help him to gain strength, gain independence, and offer opportunities to engage with friends in the neighborhood! This year Variety KC’s generous partners and donors have given away more adaptive bikes and trikes than ever before…and Izack will be getting one too! Don’t all kids deserve to ride a bike? Help us make that happen – visit and donate today! Thank you!

Meet the Kids: Kimmy


Kimmy is a sweet and kind young lady who is cared for by her grandparents. Because of her motor and communication deficits, Kimmy relies on full time care and continual therapy. An iPad would help her to communicate with her family and her therapists, but recently her Grandma had hip surgery, so her Grandpa has taken family leave to care for Kimmy. This has has put stress on an already tight budget and there is no money to buy Kimmy the iPad she needs. Generous Variety partners didn’t want Kimmy to go any longer than possible without a way to communicate, so they have made it possible for her to have her tablet and apps! There are so many kids like Kimmy right here is Kansas City, won’t you help Variety KC to help them get the equipment they need to Be Active Be Social and Belong? Visit

Meet the Kids: Brenton


Brenton has Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Delay, but that doesn’t define him! No, eight-year-old Brenton has way too much going on! For one thing, he and his sister were adopted by their foster parents this summer! His mom says it doesn’t take much to make him grin and when he does, his infectious dimples pop out! He loves playing on his iPad, racing his toy cars, and anything superhero! Here’s the challenge – Brenton is no longer able to sit on his own or bear weight. As he continues to grow, it is becoming more difficult to carry him up the stairs safely. A stairlift, not covered by insurance, would make life so much easier and safer for Brenton and his folks. Caring Variety KC donors know how important the right equipment can be – and Brenton is getting his stairlift. It will be a gift that adds quality to every single day! Help us to change more lives for kids and families right here at home, visit and donate today!


Meet the Kids: Leo


Five-year-old Leo’s Mom describes him like this: “Leo wakes up and goes to bed with a smile!” Can anyone really ask for more than that? He has a very full life, he plays with his brothers, lives to dance to Latin music or music from Frozen…even romantic tunes! Lately he has been working on jumping, but he just can’t get the coordination down to manage his tricycle. You see, Leo has Down syndrome and is challenged by some motor skills. An adaptive bike, like the one he uses at school, would allow Leo to ride around with his brothers and friends….and charm any neighbor he encounters! Variety KC believes all kids should have the chance to Be Active, Be Social, and Belong – and Leo is getting his bike! Help us to help other kiddos like Leo, visit


Meet the Kids: JD


JD was born with spinal bifida, making it difficult to keep up with his two older sisters. Variety partners wanted to give him a boost, and during the recent Variety KC radiothon for adaptive bikes, JD received an adaptive bike of his own. All he cares about is keeping up with his sisters, but at the same time, he is getting valuable physical activity. A big thank-you to all the donors who helped make this possible. Are you interesting in helping kids like JD?   Contact us today at

Meet the Kids: Ethan


Ethan’s multiple physical limitations make it dangerous to ride a traditional bicycle, but his therapist knows just how much he would benefit from the physical activity associated with riding an adaptive bike. She wrote Variety KC to tell us about Ethan and Variety donors took it from there!  Now Ethan has a bike of his own and is building head and neck strength, increasing circulation, working on balance and core strength. Thank you Variety donors!  You’ve changed the lives of so many kids during the recent Adaptive Bike Radiothon with 102.1.  It’s not too late, you can help too – visit

Meet the Kids: Lindy


During our recent radiothon for adaptive bikes, Variety KC heard of so many deserving kids with special needs who could benefit from a bike. Lindy is one of those kids. She’s a social active toddler who experienced an adaptive bike at the Lee Ann Brittan Center. She was able to independently pedal on the very first try! Having an adaptive trike of her own would allow her to build gross motor skills and spend time outdoors with her family and friends. Doesn’t every child deserve a chance to ride a bike?  Contact us today to help –

Meet the Kids: Bruce


Bruce has cerebral palsy and developmental delays. Everyday tasks that we take for granted, like getting dressed or bathing, have been a terrific challenge for him. Still, he tackles every task with a smile on his face and loves being with his family and friends. An adaptive bike would make those family times even more frequent and more special, allowing Bruce to be more social, gain independence, and built strength. Bruce received his bike because of generous donors who understand how important a bike is for inclusion and physical opportunities. Can you help other kids like Bruce?  Visit


Meet the Kids: Pholet


The therapists at Ability KC wrote to Variety KC to tell us about a young woman named Pholet. For distances further than 400 feet, Pholet uses a wheelchair. She recently went through surgery and is in physical therapy for strengthening. An adaptive bike would do so much to improve her sitting balance, endurance, and core strength. That’s what Variety KC Donors wanted for Pholet too!  So, at the recent radiothon for bikes, enough money was raised to buy so many deserving kids an adaptive bike….including Pholet. Help all kids to Be Active, Be Social and Belong –


Meet the Kids: Natalya


Natalya survived a stroke at the age of two weeks and now she has weakness on the right side of her body. She’s a bright and social little girl who just wants to keep up with her peers! Natalya received her bike because of generous Variety KC donors who understand how important a bike is for inclusion and in Natalya’s case, for physical strengthening too. Can you help other kids like Natalya?  Visit


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