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Read stories about the kids, families and events that your support has impacted and the lives it has changed.

Meet the Kids: Adin

Living with Spina Bifida Myelomeningocele Adin has Spina Bifida Myelomeningocele, paralyzing him below the knees. He is eleven years old and has three older siblings, all very active. Using a hand operated recumbent bike, Adin could get out and ride bikes...

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Meet the Kids: Dannia

Living with Developmental Delays & Language Impairment Dannia is toddler diagnosed with developmental delays and language impairment (Autism). Her therapists and family have noticed that she is beginning to pick up words and phrases through electronics. An...

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Meet the Kids: Kayeden

Toddler takes on the world with the help of an Amtryke Kayeden is a toddler with a competitive streak! After watching his younger sister start walking, he is anxious to get up and moving too! He has been using an Amtryke bike at the Lee Ann Britain Center...

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Meet the Kids: Izack

Adaptive Bike - Vehicle to Inclusion and Mobility Izack is such a happy little guy, just look at his picture! He’s the youngest of three boys and until recently he has been content to watch his brothers ride their bikes. Recently Izack had a chance to ride...

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Meet the Kids: Brenton

The Necessity of Mobility Equipment for a Growing Child with Disabilities Brenton has Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Delay, but that doesn’t define him! No, eight-year-old Brenton has way too much going on! For one thing, he and his sister were adopted...

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Meet the Kids: Leo

The Neighborhood Charmer Five-year-old Leo’s Mom describes him like this: “Leo wakes up and goes to bed with a smile!” Can anyone really ask for more than that? He has a very full life, he plays with his brothers, lives to dance to Latin music or music from...

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Meet the Kids: JD

The Need for Inclusion and Physical Activity JD was born with spinal bifida, making it difficult to keep up with his two older sisters. Variety partners wanted to give him a boost, and during the recent Variety KC radiothon for adaptive bikes, JD received an adaptive...

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Meet the Kids: Ethan

The Benefits of an Adaptive Bike Ethan's multiple physical limitations make it dangerous to ride a traditional bicycle, but his therapist knows just how much he would benefit from the physical activity associated with riding an adaptive bike. She wrote Variety KC to...

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