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Read stories about the kids, families and events that your support has impacted and the lives it has changed.

Meet the Kids -Zach!

Everybody is different - when you look at Zach, you see the difference. He is 17-years old and 47 inches tall, about the same height as an average 2nd grader. His head and trunk are the same size as an average teen, but his arms and legs are short. People stare,...

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Variety Kids – Meet Eli!

This is Eli - on Eli Day!  Yes, today's the day Variety KC delivered Eli's new ipad and communication apps. I know he will be excited about it when the balloon pops! His parents, Mark and Megan are excited, and so is his grandmother Kimberly. They are thrilled for Eli...

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Variety Spotlight: Jack

Meet Jack: Jack is a two year old boy with Global Developmental Delay and Mixed receptive/expressive language delay. Jack struggles with joint attention/eye contact and has some behavioral issues due to his inability to communicate his wants and needs. An AAC device...

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Variety Spotlight: Meet John

John has fallen in love with basketball, having spent the last season with Matt Bollig and Midwest Adaptive Sports. What he needs is an adaptive wheelchair for to continue his development; with basketball and other sports as well. John's confidence, fitness, and...

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Variety Spotlight: Meet Ollie

Ollie seems to have found his calling. His biggest joy is making other people laugh. He is full of life and determined to live it "his way," even if it means working harder at everything! Ollie has a neuromuscular disease called SMARD that affects his muscles,...

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Variety KC Spotlight: Hadley

One mother's story: "My daughter Hadley is simply amazing. Her heart is kind & loving. Her mind is bright & sharp. Her soul is pure & sweet. She loves everyone she meets & I swear that she just connects with people's souls in an instant.... ask anyone. She is the...

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Variety KC Spotlight – Skylar

Skylar’s family describes him as a blessing. “He is the youngest of six and  the Star of our Crew. We did not find out until after birth about his genetic syndrome. T9M. It’s so rare (less then 200 worldwide) that most of his doctors really had no information to give...

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Variety KC Spotlight: Zoe

Zoe is a spirited young lady who loves playing with her sister and friends. Just look at the spark in her eye! She is surrounded by support in a home consisting of her sister, stepmother, and father. As an infant, Zoe was diagnosed with Spina Bifida, and as a result,...

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Meet the Kids – Liam

A Variety Mom explains how growing kids are a physical risk for caregivers and parents: "Liam has always struggled with walking and as he has gotten older and bigger, his strength and coordination have been declining. He had hip surgery in June of 2017 to help him, as...

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Thank you B&B Theatres!

In 2018, B&B Theatres reached out to Deborah Wiebrecht, the Executive Director of Variety KC. They asked Deb to appear in an on-screen promotional video with the president of B&B.  The on-screen video promotes B&B's generous donation from each Variety Kid Combo pack...

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