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Read stories about the kids, families and events that your support has impacted and the lives it has changed.

Meet the Kids – Zac!

Zac loves to play sports. I mean any sport, baseball, kickball, football, basketball, and riding a bike. He also loves animals and video games. His dream is to be a professional baseball player that works at the zoo in his off time. He is such a sweet, loving boy that...

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Meet the Kids – Autumn!

Autumn loves anything that allows her to play in the water, she loves movies, and more recently playing with her friends and family. She is so sweet and loving. She was diagnosed with autism with global delays in speech, social, and emotional delays. This meant she...

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Meet the Kids – CJ!

C.J. is a lovable child who brings an incredible amount of joy to his family. Diagnosed with Autism, C.J. is non-verbal. His inability to communicate his needs and wants results in tantrums. His mom says that an iPad for communication will make a tremendous change in...

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Meet the Kids – Jeremiah

Jeremiah is an outgoing despite being non-verbal. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at age two and autism at age five - and yet, his single mom says she was truly blessed with a precious angel! Today, her greatest wish is for him to communicate. Variety granted...

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Meet the Kids – Derek!

Derek is a 10-year-old boy with Down Syndrome. He has a very limited selection of verbal words, but he has so much to say. As a result, he is very frustrated and so are his family and friends who want to understand him. But help is on its way...an iPad with the...

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Meet the Kids – Joahn!

My son has several things things wrong with him. He has had 5 surgeries early in life. He is diagnosed with Wolf Hirschhorn syndrome, a rare disorder. That syndrome includes developmental delays, low muscle tone, adhd, intellectual disability. Jonah is a very large...

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Meet Jayson!

Jason has an autism spectrum disorder, epilepsy, microdeletion and a learning disorder. An Ipad would help us because Jayson is so highly reinforced by them. He has very challenging behaviors and nothing else is as motivating. An Ipad would allow us to continue to...

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Meet the Kids – Glenn!

When you look at this photo of five year old Glenn, you can tell he has a lot to say. Turns out Arteriosus and Autism Spectrum Disorder have left him with delays and very few words. He has a few words he speaks and signs. An iPad would open up his world and allow him...

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Meet the Kids – Lindsey!

Lindsey is a happy toddler with a neurological condition resulting in lack of communication.  Her father describes daily life as a "guessing game" as to what Lindsey wants.  An iPad and apps will allow Lindsey to communicate her needs and wants. Her father says it...

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Meet the Kids – Christian!

Christian is a very loving sweet 7 year old. He is struggling greatly with being mainstreamed and his school is refusing accommodations. We currently are fighting to get Christian the accommodations he deserves with children’s mercy’s help. Christian gets overloaded...

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Meet the Kids – Elisabeth!

Elisabeth looks normal on the outside but has had to work hard to achieve what comes naturally to many children; such as sitting up, crawling, walking, climbing, chewing, swallowing, and verbal communication. All her motor skills are delayed and need a great amount of...

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Meet the Kids – Alyssa!

Alyssa is 19 years old and was diagnosed with Rhett Syndrome. It is a genetic brain disorder that effects language, coordination, and repetitive movements. Alyssa and her family are requesting a bike so they could be more of an active family together. Alyssa loves...

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