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Read stories about the kids, families and events that your support has impacted and the lives it has changed.

Meet the Kids – Myer!

  What an inspirational story from Myer's mom! We adopted Myer from China when she was 11-months-old. She was a healthy happy baby, busy learning to walk and talk. She was an instant joy to our family as we adjusted to being a family of six. A few months after we...

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Meet the Kids – Samuel!

  Variety KC received this touching letter from a determined and loving mom: My son, Sam, was born at 31 weeks gestation. Shortly after his birth, his birth mother chose my husband and I to be Sam’s forever family. Sam grew and progressed in the NICU at Research...

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Meet the Kids – Harriet!

From the Variety KC mailbox: My daughter Harriet has significant developmental delays, most noticeably with her speech. She is falling further and further behind from her neurotypical peers as her language delays also add to her social and emotional delays. Harriet’s...

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Meet the Kids – Braeden!

Braeden's Disability: Cerebral Palsy - (CP) is a group of disorders that affect a person's ability to move and maintain balance and posture. CP is the most common motor disability in childhood. Cerebral means having to do with the brain. Palsy means weakness or...

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Meet the Kids – Sienna!

Sienna had a brain injury before she was born and she's had a difficult journey. It started with seizures just before she was the age of one. She is not able to feed herself or talk. She's dependent on an adult to feed and move her. Still, Sienna has learned so much...

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Meet the Kids – Isabella!

What is it like to raise a child with the following disabilities? Severe autism, pervasive developmental disorder, unspecified (F84.9), Sensory processing disorder, Impulse control disorder, ADHD, Charge syndrome, Sleep disorder; At risk for elopement; Chronic...

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Meet the Kids – Aleah!

"Aleah suffered a brain injury at the age of 4 months due to aspiration phenomena. As a result, she suffered a brain injury resulting in cerebral palsy. She also had seizures, but has been seizure free for 7 years. While she is making great strides and is really a...

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