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Read stories about the kids, families and events that your support has impacted and the lives it has changed.

Meet the Kids – Jackson

When Variety KC received this request, we knew we had to help! "I write this as an existing member of the Variety KC "family' so I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt what inclusion means for us and our son, Jackson as well as how Variety has impacted our life....

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Meet the Kids – Ivery

Variety KC serves every type of physical, cognitive and emotional disabilities. We work with all area hospitals and rehabilitation facilities. Through these partners, we've met so many amazing therapists and appreciate their efforts to advocate and request equipment...

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Meet the Kids – Vincent

Like a lot of 12-year-old boys, Vincent loves basketball! His dream is actually to play on a team, but a diagnosis of cerebral palsy and the lack of equipment has kept him on the sidelines. A “Thunder Adjustable Wheelchair” would allow Vincent to get out on the court...

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Meet the Kids – Cora

  Cora is a very talented little miss!  She can play her xylophone with both hands and her feet and she can pretty accurately mimic her barking dogs.  Born prematurely with a muscle condition, what Cora can't do is keep pace with physical milestones.  A Firefly Scoot...

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Meet the Kids – Kaeson

Kaeson at the Royals!Kaeson's parents have to be on alert at all times! Why? Because seven-year-old Kaeson was diagnosed with AHC - Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood, Dystonia, Epilepsy and several other developmental conditions. The biggest challenge is when Kaeson...

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Meet the Kids – Trinton

Trinton is the youngest in his family and has been diagnosed with severe dysarthria and is nonverbal. A PCR communication device would allow him to communicate with his loving family....his teachers and therapists, family. He's been introduced to the device and is...

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Meet the Kids – Gaige

Gaige is a warrior! During his second surgery for a pilocystic astrocytoma tumor, he had a stroke. As a result, he now has developmental disabilities that challenge him from participating in the activities he loved prior to his stroke....and that includes riding a...

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Just can’t quit smiling!

Earlier this week, I toured the new B.E. Smith Family Center at AdventHealth. I was excited to see the Variety KC Compass system, the first full-facility installation of a harness system by Enliten (the founder of Enliten, Ralph Cope, was on hand to explain the...

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Meet the Kids: Zachary

Recovering from a Stroke at the Age of Six Zachary is an an active child with a deep sense of caring and faith. At the age of six, he is recreating himself following an AVM rupture that caused a hemorrhagic stroke. As his mother explains, everything...

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Meet the Kids: Olivia

The first of its kind of a one of a kind girl! Olivia is a six-year-old kindergartener who has been using a motorized wheelchair since she was a toddler. The problem with her power chair is that it isn’t able to navigate stairs or even the simplest step...

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Meet the Kids: Caroline

Trying to keep up with big sis Caroline is a two-year-old with a great desire to get out and interact with her sister, her environment, and other kids at daycare. Her diagnosis of PURA syndrome means she has low muscle tone and limitations on her strength....

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