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Read stories about the kids, families and events that your support has impacted and the lives it has changed.

Meet the Kids – Arthur!

  Arthur’s mom explains: “Art has a speech delay along with sensory and behavioral concerns. His primary communication is by pointing or directing you to his wants/needs, however lately he is showing an interest in using an app to point to pictures on my phone and...

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Meet the Kids – Jax!

  A note from Jax’s mom: “Our little guy was a surprise all the way around! When we thought we were done with having kids, not only did he surprise us with his presence, but also with a little bit extra. Jax has Down Syndrome. His diagnosis was scary at first, the...

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Meet the Kids – Jason!

Jason was born in China and abandoned by his mother due to her inability to provide proper medical care for his Spina Bifida. He was raised in a Chinese orphanage until the age of 9 when his loving KC family adopted him. He has been in the States for four years and...

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Meet the Kids – Lucy!

  A letter from a proud Variety KC Mom! “Our daughter, Lucy, is a smart, happy, and active toddler who happens to have spina bifida. While in utero, nerves in her spinal cord were damaged around the L5 vertebra. She also has bowel and bladder dysfunction. She works a...

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Meet the Kids – Tatem!

Now, that's a smile! Tatem is a young woman with spastic, dystonic cerebral palsy. Tatem and her twin brother were born 3 months premature (26 weeks old) and are both miracles. Tatem is unable to walk, or perform fine motor movements, so she moves in her wheelchair....

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