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Read stories about the kids, families and events that your support has impacted and the lives it has changed.

Variety KC- Go Baby GO! Hack a Thon!

 20 Special Needs Children will be Gifted a Motorized Alternative to a Wheelchair from Variety KC and 12 High School Robotics Teams Saturday, November 23rd  Variety KC will bring 12 High School robotics teams across the Midwest together with 20 special needs families...

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Meet the Kids: Jacob!

Jacob has cerebral palsy with muscle weakness, difficulty walking, and decreased coordination. He enjoys playing outside with friends, but isn’t able to keep up with friends and siblings on his bike, even with assistance from his parents. He needs help with hills, leg...

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Meet the Kids – HAYDEN!

Hayden is a very busy, outdoorsy kind of guy. He was born with a rare chromosome disorder resulting in two micro-deletions. This causes global physical and cognitive delays and difficulties. He is nonverbal and has physical limitations. In a big milestone, he recently...

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Meet the Kids – Christian!

Christian is a young man with a diagnosis of Down Syndrome. He is being raised by a single mom in a household long on love, but short on money for extras. At school, Christian has discovered the joy of riding an adaptive bike. He loves it because it allows him to be...

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Meet the Kids- Caleb!

Disability: Spina Bifida + Hydrocephalus Caleb is one of nine children, so as you can guess - finances are very tough!  Four years ago, he was lucky to get a used basketball wheelchair and he put it to very good use. But now, the safety straps keep breaking (not so...

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Meet the Kids – Myer!

  What an inspirational story from Myer's mom! We adopted Myer from China when she was 11-months-old. She was a healthy happy baby, busy learning to walk and talk. She was an instant joy to our family as we adjusted to being a family of six. A few months after we...

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